NOCC Measures

The National Outcomes and Casemix Collection (NOCC) comprises a set of outcomes and casemix measures that focus on gathering information about a consumer's clinical status and functioning at various points during their engagement with a mental health service. The NOCC comprises both clinician rated measures and consumer rated measures.

The agreed national requirements for outcomes and casemix data are outlined in the NOCC Technical Specifications. The specific clinical data to be collected depend on the type of episode of mental health care (inpatient, ambulatory, residential), the age group of the consumer, the episode service setting and the reason for collection. Each of the standard clinical and consumer self-rated measures is subject to its own set of collection guidelines, documented in their respective glossaries. These are to be found in the NOCC Overview of Clinician Rated and Consumer Self Report Measures.

In December 2022 the NOCC was established as a combined National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) and National Best Endeavours Data Set (NBEDS) by the National Health Data and Information Standards Committee (NHDISC).

The following measures comprise the NOCC. For information about copyright of the measures please go to the NOCC Copyright page.

Measures for Adults and Older Persons

Measures for Children and Adolescents