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Your Experience of Service Surveys


Mental health consumers' experiences of health care have long been identified by services, consumers, carers and families as being important in understanding how health services are performing and to drive service quality improvement. Substantial work has been undertaken in Australia and internationally to establish processes that regularly capture information on the perspectives of consumers and their carers about the health care they receive. 

At the national level, there has been strong interest amongst the states and territories in the development of a standardised, national measure of mental health consumer experiences of care which could support quality improvement, service evaluation and benchmarking between services. In 2010, the Australian Government Department of Health funded the National Consumer Experiences of Care project to develop a survey for use in public mental health services. This project resulted in the development of the Your Experience of Service (YES) survey instrument, made available to the sector in 2015. The YES survey is designed to gather information from consumers about their experiences of care. By helping to identify specific areas where quality improvements can be made, the YES can support collaboration between mental health services and consumers to build better services. Read the Final Report on the development of the YES.

The community managed organisation (CMO) sector expressed strong interest in using the YES, however it was noted that some of the language made it not entirely suitable for CMO use. Following advice from an Expert Working Group, the YES CMO survey, and a Short Form (YES CMO SF), were subsequently developed. Read the Final Report on the development of the YES CMO and YES CMO SF Surveys.

Recently, work was undertaken to develop a version of the YES that was suitable for use in Primary Health Networks (PHNs). This measure is known as the YES PHN Survey. Read the Final Report on the development of the YES PHN Survey.

To see copies of the surveys

The YES, YES CMO, YES CMO SF and the YES PHN surveys are being made available by the Australian Government Department of Health. Sample copies of the surveys are available to view:

How to apply for a licence

The terms and conditions of the licence agreements for use of the YES instruments aim to promote consistency of use. If you would like to use any of the YES surveys, it is a simple and quick process. Go to the YES surveys licence application page where we just ask you to provide some basic applicant information, review and agree to the terms and conditions of the licence agreement and then click on submit. There is no expiration date for the licences to use the surveys.

Guidance for using the YES surveys

These documents provide guidance to organisations planning to introduce the YES, YES CMO, YES CMO SF and YES PHN surveys.

Reporting of the experience of service measures

Following a review and sector consultation on the domain structure that underpins the YES survey/s, the Mental Health Information Strategy Standing Committee (MHISSC) endorsed a set of domains that are suitable for reporting across these experience surveys - YES, YES CMO, YES PHN and CES. A domain is simply a collection of items that reports on a single construct. Domains have been identified, particularly by jurisdictions, as a useful way of reporting the results of the YES survey to stakeholders. Go to Reporting domains of the experience of service measures: YES, YES CMO, YES PHN, CES to view information about the domains of the YES, YES CMO, YES PHN and CES. 

Related measure - Carer Experience Survey

AMHOCN has also supported the development of the Carer Experience Survey (CES), a nationally consistent tool for measuring carer experiences of mental health service provision. The CES supports service-level quality improvement and provides a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of Standard 7 of the National Standards for Mental Health Services. View information about the CES or submit a request to use the CES by clicking here

If you have any questions about the experience measures, please contact AMHOCN.