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16/11/2011 -

How Do We Measure Change in Mental Health?

AMHOCN and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) collaborated on the development of a consumer focussed brochure to explain outcome measurement and how it is used in mental health services in Australia.

01/09/2015 -

Implementing Routine Outcome Measurement in Community Managed Organisations

This guidebook provides information for mental health community managed organisationsons on issues to consider in the implementation and use of routine outcome measurement in those organsiations.

15/08/2016 -

Kessler - 10+

The K-10 is a ten-item self–report questionnaire intended to yield a global measure of ‘non-specific psychosocial distress’ based on questions about the level of nervousness, agitation, psychological fatigue and depression in the relevant rating... read more

18/06/2008 -

Key Performance Indicators for Australian Public Mental Health Services: Modelling Candidate Indicators of Effectiveness

The purpose of this report is to model candidate ‘effectiveness’ Indicators from the NOCC datasets. It is primarily concerned with statistical and technical considerations.

27/07/2006 -

Key Performance Indicators for Australian Public Mental Health Services: Potential Contributions of MH-NOCC Data

This report proposes additional or modified key performance indicators in the domains of effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility and safety and thus makes recommendations for Phase 2 indicator development.

15/08/2016 -

Life Skills Profile (LSP-16)

The Life Skills Profile - 16 (LSP - 16) was developed by an Australian clinical research group to assess a consumer’s abilities with respect to basic life skills.  Its focus is on the consumer’s general functioning and disability rather than... read more

02/09/2016 -

Living in the Community Questionnaire

Living in the Community Questionnaire - sample copy

12/07/2016 -

Living in the Community Questionnaire (LCQ) - Final Report

This document is the Final Report on the development of the Living in the Community Questionnaire (LCQ) describing the development process, proof of concept testing, field trials and analysis of some of the psychometric properties of the measure... read more