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Update of NOCC data

8 September, 2022

NOCC data are now available for 2020-2021 in both the wDST and the Reports Portal. This means that the data set now comprises a total of 21 years of NOCC data. 

The wDST provides access to the aggregated data derived from the NOCC submissions from each State and Territory in Australia. The application has a user interface designed to assist a variety of stakeholders, including consumers, clinicians, service managers, policy developers and researchers, to better understand the outcomes and variability in the population accessing public sector mental health services.

The Reports Portal offers a more detailed exploration of the NOCC data for all jurisdictions via a range of partitions (e.g. jurisdiction, age group or measure) and stratifications (e.g. sex or diagnosis). The Reports Portal allows users to download Excel tables to undertake further analyses in areas in which they are interested.