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Overview and timelines

Under the Agreement each State and Territory has with the Australian Government, a complete and final extract covering the full financial year ending June 30 of the current calendar year is required to be submitted by 31 December following the end of that financial year.

To ease administrative burden and quicken the process, States and Territories are required to submit data directly to AMHOCN. The Australian Government has advised that final extracts of NOCC data submitted to the AMHOCN Data Bureau will be deemed to be fulfilment of the funding agreement requirements in respect of the submission of NOCC data to the Australian Government.

It is assumed that States and Territories will build an automated or semi-automated process that enables NOCC data to be extracted from source systems. That process would bring together the data from all relevant source systems, apply any transformations and restructuring to the data that was needed to bring it into conformance with the NOCC specifications, and then write the data out as a single extract file in the required format.