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Development of Your Experience of Service Survey for Primary Health Networks (YES PHN Survey)

Mental health consumers' and carers’ experiences of health care has long been identified by services, consumers, carers and families as being important in understanding how health services are performing. At the national level, there was strong interest from Australian governments in the development of standardised, national measures of mental health consumer and carer experience of care which could support quality improvement, service evaluation and benchmarking between services. As a result, the Mental Health Information Strategy Standing Committee (MHISSC) guided the development of the Your Experience of Service (YES) Survey for use in public sector mental health services. It has been implemented in several jurisdictions, with other jurisdictions planning its implementation. A version of the survey suitable for use in the community managed organisation sector was also develope, known as the Your Experience of Service Community Managed Organisation survey.

AMHOCN was subsequently asked to undertake development of an experience survey suitable for use in Primary Health Networks (PHNs). This work was guided by a project working group, comprising representatives of consumers, carers, PHNs and commissioned services, and included sector consultations and a trial of the survey within PHNs. The YES PHN Survey is now available for use.

For information about this project, please email: Rosemary Dickson, AMHOCN Network Coordinator.