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Carer Outcomes Measures Project

During late 2007 – early 2008, AMHOCN undertook a project which involved a scoping exercise, designed to explore the context within which carer outcome measurement might be introduced and to identify any candidate instruments. The project focused on carers of adults with mental illness (not children/adolescents or older persons). It examined instruments that consider carer burden, wellbeing and need – but did not focus on instruments that elicit carers’ perspectives of consumers’ symptomatology and level of functioning.

An extensive literature review and a broad consultation process assisted in the identification of two instruments that might serve the purpose of routine carer outcome measurement with some modification. However, the introduction of an instrument to routinely measure outcomes for carers was seen as neither practical nor feasible at the time, and should only occur in the context of implementing a range of initiatives designed to improve carer outcomes. The carer-specific standard in the revised National Standards for Mental Health Services was highlighted as a context for these efforts. Download the project’s report: Carer outcome measurement in mental health services: Scoping the field (PDF, 620kb).

An area that also may be of interest is the work on the development of the Mental Health Carer Experience Survey (CES). Several jurisdictions are planning for the implementation of this tool. For information, or to download a copy of the tool, go to Mental Health Carer Experience Survey.