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15/08/2016 -

Factors Influencing Health Status (FIHS)

The Factors Influencing Health Status (FIHS) measure is a checklist of ‘psychosocial complications’ based on the problems and issues identified in the chapter of ICD-10 regarding Factors Influencing Health Status.

19/06/2020 -

Final Report on the Development of the Living in the Community Questionnaire - Summary (LCQ-S)

This document is the Final Report on the development of the Living in the Community Questionnaire - Summary (LCQ-S).

15/08/2016 -

Focus of Care (FoC)

The Focus of Care (FoC) is a measure developed in the Australian MH-CASC study that requires the clinician to make a judgement about each consumer’s primary goal of care.  It is a single item requiring selection of one of four options: acute;... read more

16/01/2017 -

Frequently Asked Questions: The Clinician's FAQ to HoNOSCA in Australia

This resource covers a range of questions frequently asked by clinicians when using and rating the HoNOSCA in Australia.