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20/12/2019 -

Child and Adolescent Multidisciplinary Team Review Summary

This document has been designed to embed the use of outcome measures in multidisciplinary team reviews in Child and Adolescent mental health services.

01/05/2005 -

Child and Adolescent NOCC Standard Reports

The 1st edition of the National Outcomes and Casemix Collection Standard Reports constituted the first iteration in the development of the reporting of the National Outcomes and Casemix Collection. The reports are partitioned across three age... read more

01/01/2005 -

Child and Adolescent NOCC Training Vignettes

The links below provide access to the video vignettes for Tim, Danny and Carmen:

Tim - Admission

Tim - Review... read more

15/08/2016 -

Children's Global Assessment Scale

The CGAS is used as the measure of the level of functioning for children and adolescents seen by specialist child and adolescent mental health services. it is designed to reflect the lowest level of functioning for a child or adolescent during a... read more

31/12/1999 -

Consumer Measurement Systems in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

This 1999 report, by Leonard Bickman, Barry Nurcombe, Clare Townsend, Madge Belle, L. James A. Schut and Marc S. Karver, describes the results of a study commissioned by the Commonealth of Australia to review the use of outcome measures in... read more