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Special projects

AMHOCN has undertaken a range of special projects focussed on mental health information and the measurement of outcomes. These projects include:

HoNOS 2018 Content Validity

This project focused on examining the content validity of the HoNOS 2018, an revised version of the original HoNOS.

Development of a new nationally consistent consumer rated measure

This project is focused on the devlopment of a new nationally consistent consumer rated measure that has the potential for inclusion in the National Outcomes and Casemix Collection (NOCC) to replace the K10+, the BASIS 32 and the MHI 38.

Development of the Your Experience of Service Primary Health Network Survey

This project focused on the development of an experience measure for use in Primary Health Networks. The Your Experience of Service Primary Health Network (YES PHN) Survey is now available for use.

Identification and selection of non-mandatory measures

This resource desribes a process that might identify, review and select additional measures for use within services.


A National Mental Health Benchmarking Project was undertaken between 2006 and 2008. The resources from that project are available to view or download.

Community Managed Organisations Outcome Measures Project

This project developed a guidebook that offers recommendations on outcome tools that can be used by mental health community managed organisations, as well as useful information on issues to consider when implementing, using and reporting outcome measurement in organisations. 

NOCC Strategic Directions 2014 - 2024

This project assessed the progress on implementing the NOCC and developed recommendations for further development of the NOCC through to 2024, including possible changes to the suite of measures used or the protocols governing their use.

Carer Outcome Measures Project

This project explored the context within which carer outcome measurement might be introduced and aimed to identify any candidate instruments.

Clinical Prompts Project

This project aimed to establish the feasibility of linking clinical prompts to scores on the NOCC routine outcome measures.