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Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for Infants - HoNOSI

The NOCC Strategic Directions 2014 - 2024 Final Report included a number of recommendations relating to child and adolescent mental health services, in particular, Recommendation 11 highlighted the need for the development of a measure for infants and pre-schoolers - a gap which had been noted by many working in that area. The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Information Development Expert Advisory Panel (CAMHIDEAP) formed an Expert Reference Group to progress work on this recommendation. The project resulted in the development of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for Infants (HoNOSI) and involved testing of its face validity, concurrent validity and interrater reliability. Information on the development of the HoNOSI and the results of the testing of the measure in services is available in the HoNOSI Field Trial Final Report. Download a copy of the HoNOSI Field Trial Final Report.

The HoNOSI is now available for use. You can view a sample copy of the HoNOSI. However, if you would like to access and use the HoNOSI, please complete the fields below. You will then be able to download the HoNOSI. Online training for the HoNOSI is also available in the Individual Measures section of the AMHOCN online training website. Also available is the HoNOSI Frequently Asked Questions resource that provides some additional information about rating the HoNOSI. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact AMHOCN by email.

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