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16/04/2021 -

Assessing the content validity of the revised Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS 2018)

In 2014, a collaborative project was commenced to review the HoNOS. This project was led by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, as the copyright holder, with the participation of representatives from Australia and New Zealand. As a result of the... read more

31/12/1999 -

Consumer Measurement Systems in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

This 1999 report, by Leonard Bickman, Barry Nurcombe, Clare Townsend, Madge Belle, L. James A. Schut and Marc S. Karver, describes the results of a study commissioned by the Commonealth of Australia to review the use of outcome measures in... read more

31/12/1998 -

Developing a Casemix Classification for Mental Health Services Volume 1: Main Report

This report (presents the findings of the Mental Health Classification and Service Costs (MHCASC) Project, a major service utilisation study conducted under the National Mental Health Strategy. The aim of the Project was to develop the first... read more