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Web Decision Support Tool

The Web Decision Support Tool (wDST) provides access to the aggregated data derived from the NOCC submissions from each State and Territory in Australia. The application has a user interface designed to assist a variety of stakeholders including consumers, clinicians, service managers, policy developers and researchers to better understand the outcomes and variability in the population under care.

Reports are available on all the measures that comprise the NOCC including: HoNOSCA, HoNOS, HoNOS 65+, LSP-16, RUG-ADL, FIHS, SDQ, CGAS, MHI-38, BASIS-32, and K-10+ measures. The tool can report total scores, sub-scale scores, individual item scores and change over time. The wDST also has functionality that allows national as well as state and territory specific queries to be undertaken. The NOCC data currently available in the wDST are based upon the NOCC Technical Specifications Ver  2.0.

View the video below for information about using the wDST.